Andrei Neboian, Dr
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When I published my first non-fiction article, I was just a bored CEO who wanted to share his ideas with the world after selling his company.

But doodling dull prose no one cared about was not good enough for me. I wanted my ideas to reach readers’ minds and hearts…

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It was a fantastic summer day in our corporate lawyer’s office. I had just signed an investment deal securing millions of dollars for my start-up. A heavy thousand-dollar Montblanc ballpen was still lingering in my hand.

You can keep it,” said one of the investors, waving his palm at the…

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One day, I watched a sparrow from my office window. The bird would pick bread crumbs from the ground while anxiously hopping around and watching out for predators. Doing several things at the same time was its strategy to survive.

Birds do it; bees do it: they multitask.

But we…

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Readers will click on your article for two reasons.

First, your headline hooks their interest and promises to solve their problem. Second, your header image captivates them visually. Unique, provocative images will make your articles irresistible for your readers.

Most writers use free stock photos for their articles. But some…

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The problem with marketing these days: Everyone is doing the same thing.

Entrepreneurs and companies keep buying ads, writing blog posts, and sending cold emails, hoping that customers will click their “buy” button one day. Sometimes, it works.

But sometimes you have to be different to get customers’ attention.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Tahib is an incredibly successful freelancer.

But he started like any other freelance designer on Upwork: sending lots of proposals and getting lots of rejections.

His breakthrough happened when he started asking his clients one simple question: “How do you hire your freelancers?” …

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To succeed, learn from those who have already succeeded, right?

Want to learn to invest? Read “The Essays of Warren Buffet.” Want to crack it in social media marketing? Listen to Gary Vee’s podcast. Want to skyrocket your sales? Ask a successful entrepreneur to be your mentor.

I raised millions…

Andrei Neboian, Dr

Writer | Ph.D. in Management Science | Built & Sold a Tech Startup | Engineer by Training — Character Creator at Heart ☕ LinkedIn

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